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Our Services

We offer USA based commercial sewing contractor services.  Whether you have a few hundred or several thousand units, we can accommodate your needs. 


Automated Pattern Sewing

What would take a highly skilled sewer a minutes by hand can be done in just a few seconds by an automated pattern machine. Whether it's MOLLE, quilting, a box-X, attaching a label or a pocket, text, or many more operations, automated pattern machines are the key to making USA based sewing competitive. We can do automated sewing on items up to 47in wide x 30in long.


Cut and sew

We offer manual sewing services as well. We can handle woven and heavy materials (including webbing, canvas, upholstery).


Clamp Fabrication

Automated sewing requires good material clamping. Often, the only option for custom clamps has been with machine shops that charge a hefty price for even the most simple ones. We can manufacture our own custom clamps in house out of plexiglas and lexan with our automated CNC router.


Webbing/Strip Cutting

We offer automated hot or cold strait cutting of webbing, velcro, cord, rubber, vinyl, etc.

We can finish it out with manual hot cutting for features such as angled corners.

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